The fight against pollution begins by measuring it

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We help people, companies and governments make better air quality decisions by providing them with cost effective and reliable instrumentation and information. Our sensor-based instruments and environmental monitoring systems are used widely in outdoor ambient applications for compliance, non compliance and special purpose monitoring.


In recent years, air pollution in urban centers in Macedonia has reached a very high level. This is a combination of several factors, and state authorities will take or already take steps to reduce.However, in order to solve this problem, it is necessary to know exactly which locations are polluted, how much the pollution is, and when it appears. In Macedonia there are a total of 14 measuring stations for air quality, of which 2 are privately owned. Some regions of the country (Eastern, Northern Macedonia) are very little or are not covered at all, and air quality is not measured.

The project aims to solve this problem, and significantly upgrade the monitoring capabilities.

Several experts will participate in the development of the project. Cooperation has been agreed with FINKI and Faculty of Agriculture. All devices and procedures will be subjected to expert assessment and verification.

The ecological NGO Green CIVIL is part of the project team, which is one of the best civil organizations for ecology in Macedonia.

Devices will be calibrated into an appropriate laboratory.

The whole concept is based on open source. Devices, software, and data will be publicly available and anyone will be able to replicate them.

The openness of the data and the whole technology will contribute to greater confidentiality and confidence of the citizens in the data. Because the process of acquisition and processing will be completely transparent, everyone can have insight into their accuracy.

Because all data in raw form will be publicly available, they will be able, without limit, to consume all those who need it, regardless of whether it is a private person, company or state institution.

It is planned that the project will expand regionally as all our neighbors and countries in the region have similar problems with air quality.

The devices themselves are designed and produced in Macedonia and are built from high quality industrial components.

The technological advancements built within the devices are registered in the State office of industrial property.

Ekomonitor and it’s logo are registered trademarks.