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About us


About Infoproject LLC

Infoproject LLC is an IT company whose primary business model is production and implementation of corporate software solutions.

Infomatrix, an integrated ERP system, is the company's most important product.

Our customers and clients are domestic and foreign companies. More important clients are:
- Ading AD, Skopje - production of building materials with factories in Macedonia and Bulgaria
- Tobacco Company AD, Skopje - distribution of cigarettes
- Faculty of Philology "Blaze Koneski" - Skopje
- Veterinary Hospital Skopje
- USAID - Social Impact, USA
- Butlers Cheeses, United Kingdom
- Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Skopje
- Komercijalna Banka AD, Skopje - BMS system
- Lars, Stip - production of canned vegetable products
- Belina, Skopje - trade in chemicals and construction tools

Find more information at our site https://infoproject.biz/en/

Establishment and experience

Infoproject LLC was founded in 1989 (then as a craft shop) and in 1994 as a company. As the first IT company in Macedonia, we have more than 30 years of experience developing software tailored for our clients. An expert team of highly trained and certified engineers on the technologies applied - work in each implementation.

Our goal

They, our clients, testify to the responsibility, proactivity, ethics and confidentiality of our company. The end result for our customers is the ability to reduce the total operating costs associated with their operations, improving production, increasing sales and human resources effectiveness.


We maintain an intensive quality control program, with an emphasis on performance. We are constantly improving our products and services, using the latest proven computer and software development technologies. As a result, Infoproject's products have been at the cutting edge of technology for nearly three and a half decades.

About Ekomonitor

The main objective of EKOMONITOR is to enable citizens and institutions to have a complete and accurate overview of air pollution and other parameters affecting the environment and the quality of life.

This is achieved by a network of professional measuring devices and the collection and processing of the taken parameters in a single central system.

Ekomonitor enables the collective collection (acquisition) of data on air quality, temperature, wind and other meteorological data in urban and extra-urban areas in Macedonia.

The data, after proper statistical processing, is presented on a website, mobile application, and is also available through APIs for use in other applications.

The number of devices is large so that the results can be better granulated.


Our team

Our team includes engineers, professors and top experts in their field. They all make a unique contribution and expertise – needed to develop an Economist.

Vladislav Bidikov

System Engineer

Petar Ordanoski

Chief Technology Officer

Ivica Gegoski

Mechanical Engineer

Silvana Trajkoska

Chief Financial Officer

Vanco Ordanoski


Ordan Cukaliev

University Professor

Antonija Gjurkovska

Mechanical Engineer

Branko Zafirovski

MYSQL Expert