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  • Are your results relevant?

    Ekomonitor devices use sensors from manufacturers that are absolute leaders in their fields: Honeywell, Bosch, SPEC, Texas Instruments and others.

  • Are your devices certified?

    All sensors come with CE certification - which means they meet European Union standards.

  • Is the communication station harmful to the people and the environment?

    No, the frequency at which the communication station works is 3 times less than the frequency of your home WiFi router! Additionally, all communication chips we use come with a medical certificate that is not harmful to health. More information is available in the Documents section.

  • Whose Product is Ekomonitor?

    Ekomonitor is a Macedonian product, manufactured in the Republic of North Macedonia and certain parts are patented in the Industrial Property Office.

  • Do you give warranty for the devices you sell?

    One of the main advantages offered by our company is a 5 year warranty including service and maintenance of measuring and communication devices.

  • Where can I see the source values?

    If you would like to see the values in the source form, soon - after the testing period is over, you will have the ability to download them from the website ekodata.live. You can then process them statistically, use them for your own research papers, and the like - for FREE!

  • Can the devices be upgraded with other sensors?

    All Ekomonitor devices come in their basic configuration with a certain number of sensors (PM particles, temperature, pressure, humidity, range of gases, sonic pollution). In special circumstances, where needed or at the client's request - other sensors are added such as: windscreen, gamma radiation, UV radiation, acidity and soil moisture and others. In addition, the early detection system is a separate device - it is still in the development phase.


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