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In this page you can find certification, documentation and other general information about our communication stations, sensors which we use etc.  

The chips and sensors from which the Ekomonitor devices are manufactured are of the highest quality, from the world’s most renowned high tech manufacturers.

However, the design, the numerous technological improvements, the software and the knowledge are all of Macedonian origin.

Our experts, mechanical and IT engineers, masters and doctors of technical and natural sciences, are from Macedonia.

Parts of the devices, software and interconnectivity are patented in the State Office of Industrial Property.

The infrastructure used is fully set up, software developed and maintained by Ekomonitor. This includes data centers, communication stations, complex interconnections between main nodes etc.

Statistical data processing has been developed by Macedonian experts, university professors of statistics and top computer scientists – who are part of the team or institutions that are partners of Ekomonitor.

The project is made possible with the support of the Fund for innovations and technology development.